Thursday, August 14, 2008

Super Quick update!
TOTALLY scored! I got my first Custom order on Etsy and I got almost all of it done yesterday. I just need to add pockets and do some finishings.

I also made myself a pair of great harem pants with vertical stripes! I will get a better picture later when I set up the Tripod.

Met with Awesome new Friend Amy from "Sweet Stella Designs" We talked about my future in becoming a teacher and it looks promising. Happy though to meet another crafter and make a new friend even more!

Made 3 patterns and finalized 2. Need to make muslins for 2 more. Yes I know the #'s don't add up because I have to adjust one pattern for another muslin and then it will be finished hopefully.

Will be gone all weekend in VIRGINIA to a friend's Lake house where I hope to get TONS of knitting done so I can post some new creations next week on Etsy. I will miss the sewing machine but Swimming in a lake and cooking for 5 boys, making HUGE bonfires and fireworks will be worth it!

To the left is a gorgeous Bunny with EXTRA long floppy ears. He actually got up and posed for this picture at the Ohio State Fair.

Have a GREAT weekend Everyone!

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