Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Quick Update~!
Finished this week First Etsy Custom order!  I am beyond excited for this because it will 
be the first 
LARGE piece I have sold probably since I lived in Chicago.  I just hope I can get some good exposure for it.

To the left are the full scale pics of my striped Harem pants.  I'm super happy with how they turned out and now I have a great pattern for stretch fabric pants also!  

It was a bit tough to make sure all the stripes matched at the seams but well worth it!  If I had thought a little better they would of made an excellent Jump suit with boob tube top or halter but oh well.  Maybe I will make it still since there is still so much of this fabric left at the store.  I can think of a Million things to do with Stripes!

I did make this awesome Jumpsuit this week with a halter type top modeled after this vintage jumpsuit that I saw Gala Darling wearing in her NYC photos.

The Lakehouse Trip was awesome!  Lot's of good relaxing and I did get a lot of Crochet done.  Nothing I am willing to share this moment since I am still mid project.

Below is a flash photo of the Custom order I did.  You can see my bubbles really well in this photo.  I wish people could touch them though, they really are amazing little things to play with.  It's almost 
like having this HUGE bubble wrap skirt that is soft and never actually pops!

To Top it all off here is a picture of Kilala caught in a rare moment.......... Sleeping in his FISH!

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