Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Coming together

Finally after all the craziness of the Hurricane winds off the backhand of Texas, I found time to do some work and updates.

Who would of thought while my internet was down that I would get 3 new Etsy orders?! Which is great because that paid for me to get new fabrics and FINALLY get some of those gorgeous wool colors in my shop for new bubble scarfs and other items.

I picked up a swatch of that gorgeous deep red Thai silk you see pictured here. I am still working on getting approval for another custom order. Tomorrow I plan to make bubbles all morning and get another piece done that I put off due to the custom order. I am going to make a tank type shirt with bubbles at the bottom that is freesized.

Here are more sketches of things I have in mind.

Oh and I did manage to drape an entire jacket last week. I want it to be very Victorian in nature and am using tapestry fabrics. I hope to have it completed before the leaves start turning so I can get some use out of it and possibly grade it for the store.

I found a good use also for those dumb dogs that Victoria Secret gives out sometimes from PINK. I turned mine into a pin cushion and it is actually very easy to use and hold by one of the legs while I work standing up.

I'm hoping to hear by next week when we are going to get those sponsor's for the fashion show costumes. I am really itching to get started on mine before I get bogged down with everything else.

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