Monday, September 29, 2008

Classical Music and Fashion?!

I know this is not directly related to me but I thought I would share my thoughts. Maybe someday it will be. I hope so because I would love to be more involved in my local community to help inspire.

Here is my spiel from CU (Columbus Underground Forum)

I just had to put this out there with all the hoopla over the Columbus Symphony and with discussions an internet friend has been having here.
and here

Do you think Classical music can improve it's following if they updated themselves?

I totally think so. not just fashion either. How about performing arts, ballroom dance, ballet, installations, sculpture, Painting, etc etc. There are so many ideas in my head and so many ways to invigorate it. Classical music is not just stuffy and one style there is such a wide range and maybe people don't even think about it when they play a video game, get really into a movie soundtrack but it all has classical roots! Like Video games LIVE! I went to that, enjoyed that and found it wonderful to combine the pop/modern culture with seeing the classical instruments. Maybe I am bias also since I played violin and piano since I was 6.

Think about it........ combine the Columbus Symphony with a Couchfire collaboration where they play music that inspired all the pieces for sale. For a fee allow people who enjoy ballroom the chance to dance to a LIVE Orchestra! Involve and invoke CCAD students to do projects based on an experience from witnessing the orchestra play. Annual fashion shows where each designer is inspired by a piece of classical music to do a 8-10 collection and is displayed as the piece is played or even as they have done for the Nouveau Classical Project

"OHHHH the places you'll go!" and now I will continue to rant this in my LJ.

To follow this up I would say if I had to pick a piece right now to design on it would be the "moldau"

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