Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still Processing

I've decided I can not go into this project full blown. I am going to start this month and take it to test drive how successful I am at doing this everyday and my camera. I'm not worried about the blogging or my outfits mostly about getting competent photos of it all. I suck at photography but I have all the tools so I hope to make it all work.

I have even broken out my all manual camera and have taken an entire roll of test shoots.

Let this be the first day/attempt for the Project. I need a snazzier name also then just "The Project" I feel like the "Re-Dedication" just sounds like some weird religious activity. Nothing with the actual word "Fashion"if I can help it either. I would rather not use the word "Couture" either because I am not truly a couture designer. I am not licensed for couture nor do I attempt to be couture so I feel it false to use that word as a title in association with this project.

Maybe "Everyday Original"................ I like that word "Original". I'll keep thinking on this.....

Anyways this is actually a photo from Friday going to "Comfest" I wore Mango dark grey linen shorts, White Rabbit deep V-neck t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, Adina tiny square diamond Necklace from Andy, Synthetic simple mounted 2 carat Alexandrite stone, and to top it all off this vinatge silver and white triple bow white netted cap from CoCo Couture in Grandview, Ohio.

Yes, yes I know you can't see the full outfit one of the things I am working on.............

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