Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Changing my life and being re-dedicated

Today while lounging at the house in unemployment and pondering my life with the cat while doing only domestic chores such as dish washing, laundry, cleaning and folding; one of my most beloved movies came on, "Devil Wears Prada". Call me dumb, materialistic, or fashion obsessed, I care not. This movie inspires me to continue and contribute and to be beautiful and put my mark on the world.

Seeing once again the famous "James Holt" leather bag actually by "La Rue" I got the inkling again that,"I can make that"
so...... why don't I? in fact I can make that and make it better.

"toot toot" right? But this is where it gets more interesting. Along with the pondering today I have been doing some separate pondering on assignments for my interns. Of course there is open an Etsy Page, apply for an art/craft show, photo shoots, portfolio. The most interesting thing that I have come up with which I am doing myself is to contribute to the lovely "Uniform Project". This is a brave girl who has 7 dresses that are exactly the same that she is to wear every single day for the next year. She is accepting donations of accessories and clothing to compliment the dress. All of the proceeds from this project will go to schools in India.

How does this this affect me aside from my donation to come? Well I know I need to do something to change my life. The mundane and ordinary is no life for me. I've missed my boat for this year's Project Runway trials and I need an assignment. So as silly as it may sound I am re-dedicating my life to fashion in a most extreme way as a designer in midwestern city where Abercrombie and Big box stores rule. I am going to stop buying new clothes with the exception of High End designers whom I will make a list even if I may have never owned nor will own one of their pieces. This does not include Shoes but it will accessories under the same terms. Everything else will be made by me or in collaboration with another artist if I do not have the knowledge or means to make what I want. Any and all special events and occasions I am to make an entire new outfit. I would like to set it up to take donations in some form to donate to a good cause. I must research more on local charities because I live here in Columbus, Ohio and I am not moving. I will make my mark from here and show that it is possible, thus I want to give back to the community that I am a part of first.

Today was my last day of shopping for anything mediocre and less then extrodianary.
Fashion is my life in everyway. I love it, I teach it, I preach it, I make it.

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