Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Running errands and prepping

Today was a worthless day of no designing but it was all prep work that had to happen.

Luckily Andy did make my pattern table! I'll post pictures tomorrow of it.

I had to get my phone replaced at Verizon and talk to my Insurance company for when the security guard at CCAD hit my car in the parking lot. I hate that the security guard admitted this was not the first time this happened to him and made a joke of it while my mini cooper got injured. My poor dream car baby!!! Yes how material of me but this has been my dream car for YEARS I'm not going to let something that I know is not my fault keep me down. Even though they are trying to claim it as my fault.

Sure it looked like it but they weren't there to see the Guard driving in the middle right at me amidst my turn not even breaking till it was too late. It is a narrow lot and there is no avoiding wide turns when leaving. It was all clear when I started my turn and BAM he hit me. The other guard thought it was me because it was my front bumper and the other security guards back side of the car.

My Interns start tomorrow. I can't wait. I know one of them can use a knitting machine and they other can do basic handknit. I hope they are fast learners because they both need to machine knit and handknit at an intermidate level for me. I have lace stockings and shawls in mind for the fall/winter. Steam Punk is the theme. Heavy Victorian accents and lot's of leather strapping and vests. Tomorrow will be introductions to my style, inspirations and maybe a movie to watch. I also need to prep them to used the serger a lot and help me with pieces for the July Lingerie Trunk show.

This Collar of mine has made it into a book that should be coming out this winter. It's a variegated open lacework collar out or Noro Kureyon worsted weight.

I wish my Men's ninja Collar had made it but I had such terrible photos I don't blame it not making it in. I will have several of them for the Fashion show though.

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