Saturday, June 27, 2009

Parody In Fashion?

In between my big project I have some small ones I am thinking about also.   I am challenging myself to have an entry into as many Ohio Art League exhibits as possible which is extremely hard being the only Fashion person involved.

Currently they are going to start taking in entries for an exhibit called Fake Irrational.  It is where you take a famous work of art and parody it.  So first I would need to find something utterly famous that everyone can recognize and associate with in Fashion and then make a parody of it? BUT at the same time keeping with my style and being true to myself.

I am thinking of going with one of the most famous and classical photos of Christian Dior that was also unfortunately recently referenced on "The Fashion Show"  I hate when popular media clashes with the things already in my mind.


How do you parody such a perfect silhouette?   Do I really want to do it to make fun of it and do a silicone valley "perfect" women spoof or do I want to pay homage to this graceful image?

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