Sunday, June 21, 2009

Its all starting up again

Another long overdue post.

Several things going on in my world right now.
I just sold a piece at the OAL (Ohio Art League) Event One night in a Hundred. It was a great event. I wish there were more people who had come to support us but I think they ended up doing pretty well. I connected with several people there such as the Collier West owners and my Golf Buddy John from the CCAD Golf Outing I did.

Speaking of which that was a good time and another good connection. My Scramble team WON the CCAD Golf outing and I am forever immortalized on a Plaque in Canzani. Having been the ONLY actual representative of CCAD on that team I am also ingrained in the memory of the president of the School ~points~. Also my cart buddy was once a well established woman's accessories designer who sold to Saks, Henri Bendel, and many other high end stores. Also happened to be alumni of the same High School that I am from but many many years earlier.

Along with CCAD news I just finished my first workshop with the High School students and it went perfectly. They all loved it, had a great time and had a lot of things to take home to show their parents. A lot of parents also spoke to me and thanked me for such a great program. Those kids were amazing. They Accomplished more then I ever thought they would. I can't wait for the College Preview to Start.

I have a trunk show coming up at Undone on July 25th. I am trying to get a lot of pieces done that can be worn and interperted with the lingerie. Good thing I have my two interns starting next week to help me get this going.

Yep that's right I have interns this summer. How crazy is that? I hope this will really help me to focus and jump start on advertising myself and getting into some boutiques outside of Columbus.

Other interesting news that has nothing to do with me is that two of my former college classmates have made themselves pretty famous. First is Ra'mon Lawrence-Coleman who is going to be on the new Project Runway coming up on Lifetime. Second Matt Ames was just in an article in W as a rising fashion designer to look out for. Congrats guys seriously! I will be there someday. I'm severely contemplating that I need to do the Project Runway route before I get too engrossed but I hope that I do well enough on my own to perhaps not need that.

Only time will tell.
In the meantime I am going to try several different formats and things with this Blog. I am also going to be moving all my content to my site. As well as making updates with the help of my trusty Andy!

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