Friday, November 27, 2009

No Shame in tears

Sometimes it really is neccessary to have a good cry.  To just let it all out the angst the frustration the disappointment, so long as you do not wallow in it.

Today was one of those days for me.  Due to unforeseen circumstances my monetary situation became very thin.  Things happen and we must take responsibility and do what is right, none of this selfish baby whining of but but but...... But nothing if you have to use that money someplace else and forgo that special something you had been saving for that's that. 

It hurt me alot to realize that I won't be getting my long coveted digital SLR Nikon D40 camera.  All my hard earned craft money had other obligations suddenly to fulfill.  I felt so frustrated and depressed I turn up Beastie Boyz "Sabatoge" the entire way home from work as I cried and yelled my eyes out.  Not only that but I suddenly felt like being entirely selfish and just quitting all my other obligations this month.  The substance contest, Ohio Art League Submissions and Holiday Hop Underwear.   I picked myself up and re-made my lists and am once again back on track.

Substance Design contest pieces are in the finishing stages.  I'm happy and I hope I win that $1000.00 prize.  Also doing a last minute photoshoot of these pieces with the Amazing Chip Willis before I turn them in.

Here is a sample of the Hand beading.

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