Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Truth about..... ZOMBIES and me

This is actually a truth that has NOTHING at all to do with Design but I wanted to post it before it came too far away from Halloween.

I have this odd obsession with Zombie Apocalypse's.  I'm a bit terrified of it all.  To the point that where ever I go I need an escape route.  I mean EVERYWHERE.  I tap on walls to determine if it's plaster or drywall and keep track of multiple exits, air vents and ceiling structures.  I memorize food storages that different places would have and their safety levels.

For instance Super market tons of food!  But lot's of open space and shelves that can be pushed down by force, not a lot of hiding spots or weapons.  Also usually don't have reachable ceiling rafters and lot's of open glass in the front.  Also too many entry ways for zombies to potentially break in.

The movie Zombieland was amazing and added new things to my knowledge of things to be wary or during a zombie apocalypse.  

Such as the Rules.   I will only go into the First four though because I feel these are pretty important.
1. Cardio  (Obviously you gotta be able to outrun them)
2. Beware of Bathrooms (they will creep up on you every time and it's an easy place to get trapped, so far the best bathroom to escape zombies is Tuttle Crossing mall,  they are huge and have this extra shelf in the back you can sit on well above a zombie's reach and crawl over the top to vents and other stalls)
3. Seatbelts (another Obvious)
4. Doubletap (make sure that sucker is DEAD and not getting back up)

Not sure exactly when this entire obsession came into play into my life but for as long as I can remember I always have made an escape route/survival outline.  I will watch any and all Zombie movies also.  It never scares me though just makes me feel like I am educating myself and doing my homework for the future.

I must work on that Cardio the more and more I think about it.  Also "Limber Up" is what my Wii Fit Yoga is for.  I digress!   Tomorrow the truth on how the Halloween Highball went loaded with pictures from multiple generous sources!

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