Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Truth about Boring......

I love boring monetanous tasks.  I think they are fantastic.  Repetition of boring handiwork is a strong point for me.  This is why I love knitting, crochet, ruffles, pleats, smocking, embroidery and beading.  Most people would get tired or bored of them and give up but I thrive on it.

It gives me much satisfaction to spend hours meticulusly making even stitches.  I feel like overall these small handiworks end up being brilliant details.  It also helps to sell because not many people want to take the time to do these things. The only difficult thing is how do you put a price on your time and still make it affordable as a piece?   Or do I just throw caution to the wind and put it out there like a starving artist?

Hand Smocking on vintage linen to make a skirt.


  1. I totally agree, i love meticulous work, it always feels so rewarding once your done!

  2. Charge what it's worth. Value your work. Otherwise, when someone wants to retail your stuff for you, they'll yell at you for underpricing your stuff. That's what happened to me! Well, not the yelling part, but you get my drift.