Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Candy Kisses and Birthday Wishes

This is my obligatory selfish post about what I want for my Birthday.  There are things that you want, need and would like to have.  Mine is mostly what I view as needs, since they have to do with me producing better and more clothes in general or at least faster I hope!   Hopefully I get my tax return check before then so I can present myself with some of these things. 

I do this thing that is pretty simple and nondescript of making wishlists at all the places I like to shop such as
Think Geek
Urban Outfitters

All of the above however (minus Amazon) are just wants.  My needs are books, sewing supplies, art supplies and a good SLR Camera.  Oh and some cute looking but good headphones for work while wandering the stacks.  Something that does not go directly into my ear because I seem to frighten myself and other people alot when I can't hear anything else.
From Strapya

My selection of books can be easily be found on my Amazon wishlist as well as some sewing supplies.  But I've posted a few below to save you the anxiety of looking through my long lists.

Next are Sewing Supplies.  I need another smaller serger that I can travel with to my classes in a bind.  I'm thinking Juki or Brother.  Most likely Juki but the Babylock also calls to me with it's patented airflow threading system which would be a DREAM.  Unfortunately I do not think that the machine is small enough to accomadate travel, also the jostling around in my car could be very bad for the lovely airflow system.
I'd also really like the Brother PED program to design my own embroideries and get new designs.

Lastly a gathering foot would be a nice addition to my foot collection.  I talk about it a lot in my CCAD CE class so I feel that I really need one.

Art Supplies.  I really really want to get back into some more classical art practices like oil painting again.  I have no oil paints and majority of my good brushes are missing/gone.  One thing I didn't have before that I would love to have is a nice wooden easel.  This table top one would be great so I can transport it from my upstairs to the basement drafting table and it would be compact also.   It's not like I would ever stand and paint.

Now for the one thing I really feel I NEED is a digital SLR camera.  I know I want a Nikon and most affordable one is a D40.  This is something I think I can get on my own with my tax return but a little help never harmed anyone. 

Just to make this fun I posted some things that I want but don't particularly need!
Like this Piggy Bank! from Strapya

Microbes that I don't have which are on my wish list at Think Geek
Lastly I would be kind of great to finally get Final Fantasy 13 with the Guide Book.  And as always finish out my Ranma 1/2 DVD's and get the Second GTO box Set.

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