Monday, August 30, 2010

NYC ain't the only garment District

It sure is not.  There are a multitude of other cities and countries even that have wonderous collections of fabrics, ribbons and notions. 

Most recently I was in Toronto (well actually it was months ago but most recent travel excursion).  On Queen's Street is a long section of fabric, yarn, notion and ribbon stores and it was just ever so inspiring and much different feel then the NYC garment District.  I felt not so cramped with looming sky scrapers and a cleaner feeling as I walked into each one.  It also helped that my American Dollar was worth a bit more while I was there.

I can't wait to go back and plunder my credit card!  The ribbon stores were incredible and immaculately organized.  For me coming from an area where we do not have such resources it is very important to make those few trips count.  But also thanks to the wonderful World Wide Web I'm still able to get top notch fabrics and notions from all over.  You can check out my Delicious list of Fabric and Notion Supplies here!

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