Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In memory of my little demon Kilala

A couple weeks ago it was incredibly hard for me.  End of the College Preview Program, some drama at the school, The passing of my beloved Kilala, throwing my back out roller skating with my neice, and to end it 8 hours at the ER with my mom.

Suffice to say I needed Retail Therapy big time. Bad thing for me it was a major sale time for a alot of stores.  Not only did I shop Locally but I went online too and it is a mess and I am a mess but this is what I get.

Firstly there was my long time bead companion store Byzantium closing it's doors forever.  I do mean LONG time, I had been going to that store since I was in middle school so about 18 years.  They had a ridiculous sale and I bought probably in total about $1000 worth of Swavoroski beads for just a margin of that around maybe $300 in three different visits.  Not to mention to other assortments of beads that I got just because it was so darn cheap and colors were oh so pretty.

I will eventually post pictures of my spoils but right now here are some memories of my little baby gone.

silly kilala

knitting cat
Bath time
Picture 046

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