Thursday, August 19, 2010

P.S. We're Engaged!

Yup About two weeks ago my lovely boyfriend Andrew and I got engaged!  You can read the whole story here at my wedding blog "To Muse on Wedding"  So that has been the biggest reason why the posts have slowed down.  Also because I am a bridesmaid for my cousin's wedding this Cotocber and the Maid of Honor for my best friend Hyemi's wedding.  My own Expected date isn't for another year so I relatively have a lot of time still.

Several things important about the wedding are that we are trying to make it as wasteless as possible.  Meaning nothing that is a stupid one time use or that can't be used to decorate our house with after the fact.  So no cute flowers whatsoever.  We can do planted orchids, air plants and succulents there is a mass array of other options.  Colors are Dark Brown, Gold and some shades of Green.  I'm looking for an art deco look with some cute under the sea representation; anemones, ocotopi, squids, coral etc etc.

The big endeavors sewing wise are going to be my reception dress and my wedding dress.  My fantastic friend Larissa from Wilde Hunt Corsetry is going to be working with me to make a corset for the day.  Which means no other corset apparatus underneath so I need to make or at least design my own dress.  So followers you will for sure be getting updates on that as it happens.

Enough of that more of the RING!  It is by Verragio and I love it!

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