Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crochet going beyond

On Craft today I found these gorgeous art crochet vegtables.  I know the japanese have a certain handle on crafts to make them something more beautiful but this work is exquisite.
The big differences between craft and art are the refined details and color choices in my opinion.  Sure some people make these same veggies out of felt or even their own crocheted versions but what make these so unique is the super fine gauge and the attention to detail.  I love on the carrot how the root hairs are still there trailing off of it.  Also how much volume and lushness is added to the greens on the radish and carrot.  Usually when someone has done these vegtables they don't pay as much attention to detail as these have.  People also tend to focus on just the part that we as people eat normally and not to the excess greenage that you would feed to your rabbit.

The original website is here.

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