Friday, July 29, 2011

Sew what a week!

This week I got much done in terms of sewing for the dresses.  I NEARLY have the wedding dress done.  I need to make up some pleats for a top embellishment and figure out a place to attach my extra adornments from Korea that one of my Bestie's sent me.  Now for my photo stream and captions.

I started out finishing the embroidery for the dress.  
It is a piece for the front layover

Then after tearing away what I could with my hands for the stabilizer I had to go back and pick out all the little spaces between the petals. I did this with a combination of tweezers, and embroidery scissors because I want it to be perfect

Putting the pieces together visually. 
Then I can think about my next step.

 Pinning my pleats for the top of the skirt to connect to the bodice.  I chose 1" box pleats.  Each box pleat takes 6 inches of fabric to make so that was easy to take it from 120" down to 36".

I took a break from that dress and got in the last of the fabric I needed for making the Singer's Dress in the Band.  
These are the pieces laid out on my work table right before I get to putting it together.

After it is sewn and now I just need to Hem it.

What the heck Let's HEM!
My favorite foot for doing a top stitch hem.

The dress is basically done, I need one more final fitting with Bethany and then I can add the zipper.

Back to the wedding dress, It is pinned and prepped but I'm still taking a break because I need to figure out the perfect execution of how to go about sewing it in with elastics and other support since this will be strapless.

It really is coming together!  We've been getting in Wedding presents almost daily now and we are about 23 days out from the wedding!

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