Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bountiful Christmas

I know I keep apologizing for the lack of content on my posts lately.  I'm just very focused on this whole Grad School application business. I have been turning down parties and free time left and right to squeeze in some more "art time" for making new pieces for the portfolio and explore my own feelings about why and what I'll do with an MFA. It's like the Hobbit, where it was supposed to be a simple journey when started and then things expanded and changed around you (yes I am that big of a nerd to reference the Hobbit in comparison to my current life status).  I'm in the home stretch where all my letters of recommendation are in, I have started to load my portfolio and my Letter of intent is at a comfortable state to be edited and finished for submission.

One thing I did do was take the time off to enjoy the Christmas Holiday.  I put down all my projects and picked up something relaxing to work on while we were doing the holiday bustle between relatives.  Taught myself how to do this Scaled Crochet Pattern and stared some wristlets for myself. I had a good amount of downtime at various relatives houses and events.

Now for the Booty!
(and there was much rejoicing *yah*)
 The Classic Christmas Tree and the family dog enjoying her own little Christmas gift

 This was the combined load of the Hubby and I for Christmas.  Lot's of nuts, candy, coffee and then some luggage that was on our wedding registry that we never got, new light weight bike jacket for him, some his/her mugs.

Then there were the gifts from Andy and his Family just for me, mostly from Andy.
 Two Japanese Tatting books from the brother in law
Japanese pattern book Drape Drape 3 from mother in law
The rest is from my darling hubby who knows me all too well.
Angry birds, macro/wide angle lens for my camera, electronic/game devices.

 I can't wait to go through these books and give you all the reviews!

 My electronics included the super snazzy Kindle Fire! (which I also look forward to reviewing for you), Wii-mote charger station, ridiculous Wii-mote sword and shield adapter while I am playing Zelda's Skyward Sword.

That's right........... it glows blue!
In addition to these fantastic Gifts I got a month free of Amazon Prime to use with my Kindle Fire so I ordered my self about 5 new presser feet and some accessories for my Kindle in a 
"Treat yo self" fashion.  I'm eyeing a few more Japanese craft books to spend the last of the Christmas cash too.

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