Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting in the Saddle again

I've been on a hiatus from doing photo shoots for nearly a year.  I had my wedding and lot of other big changes in my life, in fact I am still going through some of these changes.  With the impending deadline of my portfolio I reached out to my friend Adam to set something up.  With a test shoot in mind we unintentionally came up with a great looking story.

Before we get to the pretty pictures let me explain some etiquette on test shoots, that people may not be aware of.  A test shoot typically no one is paid for this. It is exactly what it sounds like, a test.  The group is testing to make sure everyone get's along, if they would want to continue to work together.  This group usually includes, photographer, model, stylist (in my case designer), Hair/makeup (same or separate people). Each person has their role in working together to have some great photos.  Per the test shoot open communication is a plus.  Everyone participating should get a chance to do or get something out of the photos that they wanted or needed.  I think a test shoot is harder because everyone needs to work together to give and receive where on a normal shoot there is one goal and it is usually the concept.  For me coming in as the "designer" I want good straight on photos of my work so that it is showcased rather then hair or makeup of the model or extreme lighting/set of the photo.  For me coming to a test shoot getting that great photo of the garment on the body is what I need.  For photographers I work with it has usually been to try out new formats or lighting, also meeting new models for future potential projects.  A lot of models come in needing new head shots or to get a look that isn't already in their look book, something more artistic.  Make up Artist and Hair of course want to show off their skills so usually head shots are good them as well to get the details of their craft.

Well that is my spiel on test shoots.  
Welcome to the pretty!
90% of the clothing are my garments
Photos by Adam Leigh-Manuell
Model is Leah Cultice
Hair and MUA is Lydia

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