Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Silence and Thoughtfulness

Sorry for the silence the past week or so.  Things have been less then pleasant at my day job and then I've been working hard on Christmas presents that I wish I could post here but I don't want to ruin the surprise.  Not to mention still working on portfolio pieces and my Grad School letter of intent.  I am doing my best to stick to my guns in one thing in my life which is to keep a positive position and not to get all fire and brimstone about ethics and the bad turn of fate I am having. 

In other news here are some small quip updates for you!
My husband and I enjoyed the "Grand Illumination" this past Friday.  It might not be as spectacular as some other cities but it's home.  I also got a chance to finally check out the wonderful OSU Urban Arts Space downtown. 

 All the elegant scroll work on this piece was well worth the trip just to view.  It also had this disco ball in the middle that was refracting the shadows like crazy. It was a good reminder of things I have to look forward to doing when I am in Grad school.

Lastly in this small update I am getting back into working on a photo shoot with my friend Adam Leigh-Manuell.  Trying to get some newer work photographed for the portfolio while also getting back into the groove of being the professional artist that lives deep inside of me.  These are some snapshots of one of the dresses that I am taking for the photo shoot.  This dress was made from remnants of another garment and I like what came of the scraps much better. She is a juxtapose between evening and casual, looking unfinished but polished at the same time. Using a sport wear knit fabric instead of a high end silk or wool.

If you have gotten this far I'll tell you a secret.
I don't feel fully comfortable being called a Fashion Designer.  I would prefer to be known as a soft sculpture artist.  I feel like my work really shines more when they are stand alone OOAK (One Of A Kind) pieces.  There is a certain connection that they all have and can be considered a collection but I never set out to follow this collection.  I think it only looks and feels like a collection because of the way I manipulate the fabrics, just like how you can tell if a painting is a Picasso no matter the subject matter that is how I feel about my work.  I make pieces that invoke a feeling of awe when looked at then curiosity when investigated.  I like to break the conventional rules for fashion and garment making ways to obscure shapes and lines.  Things that transform the body and vision of the body through a garment.  So that is how I really feel about my work.  It's nothing new just new to saying it out loud as I prepare to defend my soft sculpture in my Grad School application.

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