Friday, December 16, 2011

Tiny Works

 I don't know if it's because I am tiny that I have been working in super tiny and smaller in format pieces.  It's very opposite from college when I was the smallest person working on the most gargantuan of sculptures.  My first 3D piece as a freshman at SAIC was 8x4x6' it would of been entered into the freshman gallery show except that there was no way to transport it out of the room into the transport truck.

Currently I am working on a visual interpretation of neurons over periods of time.  The longer more spread out ones are when I am more at rest while the clusters involve a lot more thoughtfulness and productivity.  I'm about halfway done with it and it has been about 15 hours into it.  I can't wait to finish this and then pull out the colored holding stitches.  I plan to do this again depending how it turns out with a better log of the times and activities that were going on around me as I worked on this. 

I have come to a little bit of a sense of peace as the Grad application for OSU quickly approaches.  If I don't get in this year I'll try again next year and I will just continue to work on things as much as I can.  I'm also opening myself up to applying to SCAD in Savannah and seeing what will happen there.  Our lives are boundless so we shouldn't let ourselves be restricted by thoughts of can't but allow ourselves the possibilities and instead look for solutions to the things that we feel are holding us back.

I put a penny up against it for a perspective of how small this work really is.  I need to think about that in terms of photographing it for my portfolio.

You can see I have nearly made the halfway mark in the fabric.

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