Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back in the Day

Once upon a time I was a sculpture student.  This was my passion before fashion.  I actually tricked myself into thinking of fashion as sculpture to make it less painful when I switched majors.  Funny that I went into fashion thinking it a better future career choice when I didn't want to go into the full industry but ended up wanting to work for or as an independent.  I could of just stuck to sculpture.  I used to have these huge marvelous dreams about creating marble fountains for parks.  Probably didn't help that I was at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago at the time they were building Millennium Park.

The above picture is from my first 3-D class.  I think it was maybe the second or third project into the class.  We had to make these miniature forms from wood scraps and then double them.  I got excited and went a bit bigger I think I went 400% bigger.  The finished sculpture from wood, chicken wire, burlap bags and plaster was 8x6x5'.  It made it into the freshman gallery presentation but there was no way to move it.

These are polaroids from when I was doing visuals with Anthropologie in NYC after college.  That was one of my favorite jobs ever.  This was a project where my boss said "the theme is Alice in Wonderland, here are books, make me a jacket".  What could of been better then combining the two things I was passionate about sculpture and fashion. 

These were just some old photos I found while going through stuff for another competition/audition what have you for yet another reality TV show type thing.  I've already been through the Project Runway loop, this is for something different.  I made it to round two the video submissions so we shall see if anything pans out.  I'm not holding my breath too much though.  I'm still intent on Grad school and getting two more applications out.  Cheers!

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