Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brown Paper Packages

 About two weeks ago I got in multiple packages from Amazon!  I had used up the last of the Christmas money and my new Amazon Prime free trial from my Kindle Fire to get some much needed (coveted) items. To be practical I got a new USB drive to replace my originally lost one (which was found after I had already made this order), Screen protector with glare reduction for the Fire (which came with this free handy touch screen pen), tortoise shell tatting shuttles, the best Entrelac book I've ever read and my Fuiji Instax in piano black Mini camera.  My brother in law also gave me the last of my Christmas presents which was this Japanese tatting book (which I already reviewed).

This camera is LOVE.  I like how slick and small the body is compared to the older models and first generations.  I thought it would annoy me with how small the mini's were but it is actually more convenient.  I like the size because it can fit more easily in with cards, as a book mark and multiples in my wallet for little love reminders.

I also am in the like about how it has a little bit of adjustment to the shutter time.  You can set it for normal, lighter or darker exposure which makes for some great tinkering.  There is a timer function which I have yet to use but you can bet I will try it out.  The camera is surprisingly lighter then I thought it would be as well.

Yesterday I got a few new things in the mail as well.  Just some books to read but most excitingly were my Warby Parker Glasses from Milk Bar Boutique.  No I don't wear glasses or have a prescription, no I didn't get them to be trendy or as an accessory.  I got them because I have very sensitive o UV eyes and I wanted something to wear on these overcast days that didn't make them seem more dark and dreary then they already are.  I also wanted something to help keep the computer glare down while I am work.  Let me tell you they have been FANTASTIC, my eyes are less tired and irritated since I have been wearing them at the computer. 

 Super Quick Delivery

 Beautiful and simple packaging

I got the Sibley in a matte tortoise shell frame.  The gentlemen at Milk Bar were extraordinary per usual in helping me find frames and telling me the truth about what looked good and what just looked goofy.  It is hard to find glasses of any sort for my face since I have a super small nose arch, usually they all just sit on my cheeks.

The best part if you aren't aware Warby Parker does a promotion similar to Tom's but instead of giving a pair of shoes for every one sold they are giving a pair of prescription glasses.  It's a very hard deal to beat with the frames + presciptions costing $95 or $90 if you get them directly with Milk Bar.  Milk Bar also has the entire collection of Frames on site so you can try them on to your hearts content as your browse their garments. 

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