Thursday, January 05, 2012

Post New Year's Eve OOTD

Now that the graduate application has been officially submitted and off my plate I feel a huge weight lifted.  I can now concentrate on my other endeavors and projects, such as this blog that I love. This year it didn't even cross my mind to make any sort of resolution, I'm just going to crack on being as active in my art and in the community as possible.

For New Year's Eve the hubby and I were bouncing around town spending time with old friends mostly.  We started the night out at a friend's parents, as they were visiting from Atlanta and finally got to meet their sweet son Jackson.  After that we hopped over to see my Ladies of the Columbus Crafty Cotillion for a party at Arcade Super Awesome

 Just before midnight we skipped to what we though was our final destination to a friend's house, then ended up walking to Barrel 44 to do the midnight toast with friend's we met up there and a girlfriend that was working the bar.

Ok, ok, now that I made you sit through my personal spiel here is the entire outfit that I wore that night, minus the rabbit fur.  Thanks to the rabbit fur coat I was thoroughly pet the entire night everywhere I went, I'll leave that for you to decide if it was a good thing or bad thing (ha).

 I didn't buy anything new this year.  I happily scrounged it all up from my closet.
Earrings - Express
Dress - Plndr for $15
Side Triple Buckle Belt - Target year's ago
Herringbone footless tights - Express
Silver Heels - Michael Kors
Baby Blue Swatch Watch- Swatch
Stitch Necklace - Tragic Stitches

 A close up of my makeup for the night, complete with false lashes.  I am also hardcore rocking the reverse ombre hair and I don't mind it at all.  Better then saying I am lazy or cheap right now, which are also true but come on I had a lot of going on this past month.

 Close up of my "party" necklace that I LOVE because it has Stitch on it.

 I curled my hair first and then swept it up to a chignon with the extra hair curling out of the top.

 You can see the myriad of colors in my hair best in this photo.
Soon I will be dying again to it's bright blue/green glory now that I have time again.

 This is just me playing with my wide angle lens Christmas present, this on top of my already wide angle setting on my lens gives it a semi fish eye effect which I am loving.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve as well.  
My advice this year is to not get bogged down with unrealistic expectations or resolutions, live it day by day, take a deep breath and move forward but challenge yourself.

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