Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tatting Lace Lesson Book - Book review

Sorry about the wonky photos.  I wanted to get something up today and realized I didn't have any photos previously taken so I used my phone which isn't such a bad job, just a wonky size.   This Lace Tatting book is really great, it was one of my Christmas presents.  It has beautiful and clear photos of the projects, unusual patterns that I haven't seen before in other tatting pattern books (but I must admit I haven't looked through a ton of books yet). 

I'm itching to try this one out next.  I think they will make really pretty appliques on clothing and on dish towels for presents.  maybe if I get my hand on some glass coasters I will make some small lace designs to go inside of them. 

I like how it showed photo lessons of how to do some of the projects and tatting but also having the below instructional guide for how to do things.  I think this book would be decent for any level of Tatting experience.  If you know the basic idea and how to start it then this book is a breeze to understand.

The charts are also clear and easy to understand telling you which direction you need to be working on with the arrows.  They also don't get overwhelming by marking up every stitch, it only shows what is necessary and the stitch count. 

Currently I am working on my second heart. I haven't decided if I'll make a chain of them or just keep them separate to put on V-day cards.  Overall I'm very satisfied with this book.

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  1. Very pretty! Love the tatted heart you are working on!