Monday, July 23, 2012

Brown Paper Packages

A couple weeks ago I got a few packages in the mail that I was anxiously awaiting. One from Etsy for some bead weaving supplies and the other from Jo handbags, off of a Lucky Breaks deal.

The first little package was beading threads from the seller GotBeadsNY who was very informative and had great communication. I highly suggest her for beading supplies because of followup on the order and genuine conversations we had through the messages. I've had many good etsy experiences but few so great that I need to spread the word about the seller (seriously this is not an endorsement she was just that excellent!).

She had a huge variety of colors for this Superlon beading thread and the spools were enormous compared to the ones that I had gotten previously from another vendor. I'm very excited for when my calender frees up and I have more time to play on my beading loom as well as some off the loom bead weaving.

The larger package was my gorgeous new clutch from Jo. Originally $112 but with the Lucky Breaks I got it on sale for 40% off. Well worth it even if it wasn't on sale. It is called the Dakota Clutch and the color is espresso.

I love all the little details that this bag had even with it being a tiny clutch, to the size of a long wallet at 7.75" x 3.75" x 1.25".

This little ruffled edge on the pocket was an unexpected embellishment. With how polished and clean the outside looked I never would of expected this little touch of feminine.

It comes with this sturdy chain to wear it cross body which is exactly why I got it. I am trying really hard when I got on vacation to not carry my entire life with me especially when I am planning an entire day of city walking. I really do not need to carry knitting, my 3DS, all my 3DS games, 4 tubes of lipstick, compact , sketch book, kindle fire, etc.... all in my purse. Especially if I am out of town visiting someplace I would hope that it is exciting enough that I would not have to revert to my boredom fighters.

Lastly I wasn't so keen on the hardware online but I thought I would get this purse anyways. In the end I love how simple it was and inventive. The clasp slightly twists the leather so that it hugs around the pin to keep it closed. On the wire wrapping it was all finished and not a single piece of wire was hanging out anywhere to poke me.
Overall I would certainly recommend Jo handbags for rustic fine leather goods. I hope to get something else from them in the future.

Have you gotten anything great craft or fashion wise in the mail lately? It not maybe you need to treat yourself to something nice!

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