Monday, July 02, 2012

Just a little Kawaii Goth

Last week I got this little gem from my craft friend Erina of Tragic Stitches. I had cleaned out an assortment of anime and kawaii keychains and trinkets from my years of working at SHOCC Comix back in high school and college. She was kind enough to do a trade for all my knick knacks and I love this necklace!  Kuromi is one of my favorite newer Sanrio Characters. She is like the evil twin version of My Melody.

The close up shows it's Hello Kitty pretending to be Kuromi which I find cute but also slightly creepy since it looks a little like she killed Kuromi and put on her skin. It directly reminded me of when I met famous traveling Gothic Lolita blogger La Carmina!

I met La Carmina when she was in town for the PRSA conference as a guest speaker on the panel about Travel Blogging. I've been following her blog off and on for a couple years. I found her off of Doe Deer I believe.  Please excuse the terrible picture it was far too dark outside and my flash just wasn't going off. She is just as cute in person as the pictures on her Blog.

 It was really excellent to meet her and also get some solid conversational time in. I feel a bit shy when I meet other more well renowned bloggers, because I blog but I'm not in the same dynamic that they are and don't have the audience that they do. I get a bit self conscious or that whole "I'm not worthy feeling". Carmina was amazing and very down to earth. We had a good bit of things in common and coo'd at cute kitty photos on our smart phones. It also goes to show once again how small the world is. She had recently taken a trip to Prague with Kat of Rock n Roll Bride whom I was a featured bride for last August! By the end of the night I made some great impressions to get her team to come out to Columbus for a visit to witness our Goth and Subculture in the city so hopefully I'll get play hostess in the near future. If you look for it we have a pretty great and long running Goth/subculture scene that people frequently travel to be a part of.

Do you have any secret Goth or Lolita fashion you wish you could wear everyday?
I'm a huge fan of sweet Lolita styles but I feel too old to wear them or Cosplay anywhere but a Con.


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