Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Welcome to another Instragram photo laden post. I promise it won't be boring. In fact a bit fascinating. If you follow me on twitter, tumblr or perhaps Facebook some of these pictures may seem familiar. I tell people that with Instagram I can now take pictures to fill my void of status updates on Facebook. I'm not big on facebook, I use it mostly to keep in touch but not to do anything of substance with it aside from my Fashion Design page for Torn Angel.

Ahem let's get on with this post shall we?
Below we have two water colors I was tooling around with, not very impressive but exercises into some things I was thinking about. What was I thinking about? Bruises and wounds per usual.

I took the first swirls and played with embroidery on the paper to outline the colors and I like it well enough but I need to dig deeper and be more bold with my coloring. In terms of medium I do really like this mixture and will continue to explore it.

For the second water color I took a cue from some student work that I saw during their portfolio evaluation. It is amazing what the kiddos can teach us even when we are supposed to be their teachers. I think in art it is always a give and take because sometimes the fresh perspective of a student can bring new inspiration to us art vets. In this case it was playing with the already present lines and colors in the water color and highlighting areas by outlining the pattern. It was fun, not so much my style but gives me some ideas to go along with the embroidery work and working with a larger scale painting and thinner threads.

I just had to share this pretty new necklace I got when I worked the Columbus Food Truck and Cart Fest. It was the vendor's first show and her store is called Poor Sparrow. I love the simple aesthetic she uses and her prices are so affordable! I hope that I see her at Independents Day as a Vendor but only the Jury can decide. I'm also wearing my summer staple which has been an Alison Rose Cat Tank.

While I was in Pittsburgh for a Wedding last weekend the Hubby and I finally got to go check out the Mattress Factory Museum. It was full of surprises and amazing experiences. The above photo was in the corner of their parking lot. It looked like a graveyard of weeping angels to me from Dr. Who, such as below.

This was another fascinating room of mirrors black lights and neon circles. The photo really doesn't even come close to capturing the feeling when you are standing alone in this room. Like I said before most of the charm in the Mattress Factory is experiencing the art for yourself and interacting with it.

Lastly I just had to include this picture to show everyone I am not afraid to sparkle, I am just not a fan of glitter. Give me sequins any day of the week and I am happy to wear them. I had a nice little recap of my Craft Wars viewing party by Jackie Mantey of the Columbus Alive right here.  I also did a Guest Post on Nikki McGonigal's Blog on my Candlestick lights from my episode of Craft Wars, right here!

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