Friday, July 06, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom - Fair isle

If you haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom and you are a Wes Anderson fan there is something wrong with you. This was a fantastic movie with a lot of innocent charm and quirk that he is so good at. Well the innocent part is new at least. I won't get into details about the movie itself because I think that people just need to go see it for themselves. There is also no good way to explain Wes Anderson movies.

The crafty part of me is obsessed with the narrator and his costume, namely the fingerless gloves. They have this great black and white fair isle pattern that I am itching to duplicate as my new spin for fall craft shows. It'll be a good exercise on charting out my own fair isle and punch card patterns via graph paper.

This is about as good as I can find Looks like a partial heart with some patterning. I love the way the thumb has a contrast row. I think that will have to be a woven in addition to this pattern.
Luckily Lisa Solomon and my friend Claire posted this handy little website on twitter to print your own graph paper so I can get working on this immediately.
Graph Paper HO! (ignore the PDF download just click on the option of paper you want)

Do you have any craft endeavors planned for this weekend?

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