Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Day One!

Off to a little bit of a rocky start as I am still trying to figure out the best way to take my photos. I think I have found just the place using a tripod in this empty corner. This was taken with the help of a mirror in the kitchen that is actually too tall for me.

Today I was only wearing jewelry that I had made and stretch jeans that I altered.

I am wearing Michael Kors Gold tone wooden platform slides from Filene's basement over 6 years ago.
- Cheap Monday high waisted stretch jeans bought at Urban Outfitters for $5 and altered in the waist by 4"
- Black Cami from Guess outlet
- Grey open mesh sweater with tab sleeves from H&M in Santa Monica
- Je táime enamel plate necklace made by me
- Adina small diamond square necklace from my boyfriend on valentines day 2 years ago.
- Toki Doki "

Things I am currently working on is my dress to wear to my 10 year high school reunion this friday. I have nearly finished my purse to take also. I will probably get that done tomorrow and maybe the dress.

I am meeting on Monday with the owner of this one boutique that I am in LOVE with called Collier West. They are mostly home goods but every time I walk into there I feel at home because it is exactly how I would want to decorate the house if I had boundless amounts of money. But I finally got the guts to go over and ask if they were interested in seeing my jewelry.

Before I went there today since they had a "back in five" sign I stopped into Substance. Very cute store that I also like their clothes but find it almost too plain and simple for me. They always have shoes that I am keen on and big leather purses. Today they had a lot of things that I liked but with this "Clothes Diet" as I refer it to other people I couldn't buy a thing. Except for these super comfy and cute navy ballerina slippers that she had been trying to sell because they don't fit anyone. It says size 6 but actually it was a size 5 PERFECT for me! And since Shoes are something I can't make it's ok! Anyways we got to talking and she sounded interested in buying so I just need to get my self together once again to present and work on my pricing. I think I will only present a couple things to start. I'm not entirely sure if that is the spot for me plus they might refuse my price point.

Also on my list of places to visit I stopped by Undone to discuss the Trunk Show in August a little more and was informed that there is a sidewalk sale that they invited me to be a part of. Wonderful! Today was a great day lot's of connections and possible opportunities.

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