Thursday, October 29, 2009


Even though the Storm that is Highball has not hit yet I am focusing on the calm afterwards........
I met with an old friend of mine that helped me a lot after college whether he knows it or not.  He helped to give me the confidence and connections to go to NYC and interview there for design positions.  Which in the end I didn't stay or end up at any of those companies but the experiance was priceless.   I have all this knowledge from the interviews to now pass onto all my students and it helped form me as a person and what kind of designer I wanted to be and turn into ultimately.


OK as I was writing this nice little re-cap of a good thing I got this e.mail, basically saying the model new she had the flu and has been sick since last week and Just NOW less then two days away from the show is canceling.  Not professional and not cool.  At the slightest inkling of knowing you can't do a show you should inform all parties IMMEDIATELY especially since hair extensions are involved bought to match your hair color..........

Ohhhh how I loathe relying on other people......  This is why I try to only use my own models.  I thought I would be nice and use some of the S2 models since they were nice enough to help sponsor the event.  Last year I had one of my models stolen by Terri Stevens and this year one of them just canceling........... I hope that this does not become a trend as a part of my existence in Highball in the Short North.

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