Wednesday, November 23, 2011

One Night Fiction

This year's One Night Fiction for the Ohio Art League was in a space at the back of the Library I work at.  Usually I can volunteer for this event one night of set up/decorating and then the night of the event I do ticket sales and other errands.  Since this year was so close to me I got to see the entire set up from start to finish.  I found it pretty amazing how they took such an obscure space and turned it into a great event.  I'll start at the beginning when they were taking in the art work before the space was touched and end with the Video of the Live Auction!

The wide empty space we call "The Cave" was selected for the Event and it is exactly that, large open and dark.  Which is perfect in terms of a gallery since it makes for some dramatic lighting on the artwork and  plenty of walking room without being crowded.

You enter a doorway then through a hallway that opens up into the space.

I am instantly reminded of a Monty Python Quote, "She has LARGE.... Tracks of Land!"

Hanging and Decoration Set up
This was during the initial placing and hanging of the art work

Some of my Favorite pieces

My pieces in the Event
Bubble Scraf Grand (eight feet long)
Tucked Leather -  Crystal Embellished Skirt

During the Event

In the end it looked fantastic and it was another great event.  A lot of successive auctions and happy patrons to the arts.  Having a live auctioneer was a great addition that I hope they continue to have.

The Live Auction of my skirt

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