Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I do other things

Yes it's true my life is about other things aside from Fashion and Sewing, and cats.Yesterday my friend Beth asked me to be a substitute player in their soccer game. 
I love soccer. 
I will happily find a brick wall and kick the ball back and forth to myself for hours or play heads (headbutting the ball into the air repeatedly as many times as you can before it hits the ground).
However I have not actually played on a soccer team since I was in middle school due to growing pains and family dynamics which lead me to be Senoir Varsity for Golf (yes, golf) for 4 years. Which in turn is how I was able to get new equipment as needed for my winter sports of Snowboarding and Skiing (gotta love the angsty teenage black mail). Ahem.
 This is me just back from the Game after some Pepsi (everyone else had Beer, I'm allergic to alcohol (spoilers)).  I'm a terrible sweaty mess wearing a team shirt that I borrowed.  The company is IJUS so they were "IJUS win" which we didn't.
 We also did not lose horribly.  It was only by one point 5-6 not bad.  It's funny when you try to do something you remember being so easy as a kid.  It took my body about 15 minutes to catch up to my mind.  I nearly fell just because my legs would not respond and I haven't been to the gym or ridden my bike for almost 4 weeks now.  My body is an unhealthy mess.  That feeling of your body not doing what you want it to do really made me feel that 30 year old age, it was also very surreal and scary not being in total control of your own body I felt like everything was in slow motion then SNAP it came together right before I made a total ass of myself.

 I did fall several other times and my knees took it real well.  I gave quite a few bruises myself and being as tiny as I am and it being Co-ed I got in some really good body checks with no calls.  I miss soccer a lot.  It was a great time and schedule permitting I'm going to go Substitute again next week.  I just gotta watch being offsides... I remember having that problem in Middle School too.  I was #4 with "PeeWee" on my jersey instead of my last name.
 Ok so I lied there is a little fashion in here as well as cats.  When I got home I found these on the porch.  Our 96" premium wooden cat tree that Andy ordered from The boxes were so large and heavy that the UPS just barely put them on our porch, or it also could of been him annoyed since she also live on the the second largest hill on our block.

 The insanity of this cat tree is really off the charts.

 I also got in my orders!  Man are they ever quick about their shipping.  I ordered these Friday afternoon and already have them by Tuesday.  It was a little annoying to have to pay for shipping twice since I ordered the same day.  I only did this because I made my first order then found out I had a $25 gift voucher so I ordered a little more with coupons and promo codes of course.

 In the first bag was my Peach and olive green striped skirt.  I got it in a size 4 which is the same as the other skirts I have gotten from here of the same brand and it is almost too small.  I also got this killer white blouse tank for only $10.

I love the back of the Blouse how it splits open!  I got it just to wear to this Fete Un Blanc party I am going to next week.  But I've already put together a multitude of winter layering outfits to include this.  I just need to remember to use some Scotch guard to keep it clean from my clumsy self.
 The other package Contained this dress.  Which I have never owned this style of one shoulder and ruffled look.  I know I try them all on the time but something just doesn't work.  Beth convinced me to get it despite my better judgement.  I love the fabric, the color and the construction is pretty good.  What is weird is that it is HUGE.  You don't notice it because of the pattern but there are pleats like crazy in the dress portion give it mounds and mounds of fabric.  This is a difficult style for me to wear because I am petite and it is a little overwhelming like the dress is wearing me instead.  But for $13.00 after discounts I can't complain too much.  I will just figure a way to make it work.  So far some super tall wedges in black and I'm thinking an extra wide Black or pale Pink Cincher Belt.

 If you were wondering Yes I did make it to Missoni on launch day at Target during my lunch break at work.  I didn't get much but I'll show it to you tomorrow.

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