Friday, September 16, 2011

Tomorrow is a new Craft Day

Tomorrow is Independents Day here in Columbus, Ohio.  A wonderful festival to show off and help support independent artists, crafters, bands, restaurants and other various entrepreneurs.  I was interviewed for an article Here with Outlook magazine. 

This will be my second year organizing the Craft Alley. It is sort of amazing to me how people come together and make such great things happen.  Last year I did it alone and it was hard, a bit overwhelming and I didn't get to enjoy myself that much.  This year has been a breeze with my two friends Laura of Creux Poche and Miss Megan Mac helping me carry the load of responsibilities.  I also feel this second time I knew a lot more so I know what I am getting myself into.

This was a photo from Last year nearly all the ladies pictured will be in attendance this year. Starting from the left side:

(whom unfortunately will not be here this year but we still love them!)

Aside from missing Stinky Bomb we will also be adding some more fine artists into the Craft Alley and we had applications.  This being the 4th year of the festival and 2nd year of the Crafty Cotillion managing Craft Alley we wanted to raise the bar and show the very best of Local goods as well as a variety of different types of craft and art. It was a very hard choice and we tried to make it as painless as possible on the application.  It was also unfortunate that some great people just couldn't seem to get their application filled out or back to us in time or even neglecting to pay their vendor booth fee.  We had to be fair and not play favorites and not give anyone leeway. It was tough but necessary.  After doing this I feel like I have just gotten a taste of what bigger craft shows must go through when they have people applying all over the State or Country for hopes of their 6 ft table or 10x10 ft space.

So here's to tomorrow!  That everything goes smoothly and I will do my best to put a blog recap on Monday.  Other things on the blog queue are Bachelorette at the Lake House, Rehearsal Dinner, The Grand Nerdtastic Wedding (which will be awhile), Making my Brother's Fiancee's Wedding dress this Sunday, Honeymoon from London/Paris/Rome! and some Sewing projects I have completed since I got back about a week ago.  
I know I have a problem I can stop sewing..........

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