Thursday, September 15, 2011

On a Missoni

Ah yes... the wonderful collaborations of Target and High End designer brands continues to be just as strong as ever.  Their newest came from renowned fashion house Missoni.  I remember back when I was in middle school I was mesmerized by their unique zigzag knit pattern.  I have always wanted Missoni and I still do but through the years I've found their unique print is not an easy thing to wear. The zigzag pattern with the stripes of color can very easily add one an extra 5-10 lbs on you depending on your body type.  But the colors and sigsag are just so iconic it's hard to not want to wear it.  
If you live under a rock this whole Missoni thing was a HUGE deal worldwide.  People waited outside for Target's around the US to open to dash in and grab as much as they could.  I went somewhat casually during my lunch break and found a barren landscape of empty racks with Missoni signs.  I wasn't terribly bummed.  I've tried on Missoni garments many times over the years only to be disappointed and put back on the racks.  In fact the Filene's Basement on Sawmill usually has 5-6 pieces at least every season.  I figured if I really want Missoni I will get it for reals instead of the Target made designed by Missoni stuff.  I did however get two things I am happy with.
Since I have obnoxiously small feet I can fit into children sized shoes.  I picked up these flats and by chance I found this Barrette that I did want.

The evidence of my child sized feet!  Good to know I am a size 3 in kids so now I know what to look for if I am in need of some quick cute flats from Target in the future.

Sorry for the blurry picture of the hair barrette but it was dark and my arms and well hell my whole body was still shaking from playing soccer that night.

The unexpected thing is that my new flats go perfectly with my new skirt that I also got that day.  I feel like they will also open up a lot of new color schemes for me to potentially wear on top with the skirt.  I love that hint of baby blue in the flats.

As for the other Missoni items such as the homewares and Bedding they were very nicely done, too bad most of it has to be in plastic because I do not expect that will hold up well over the ages.  I might try to keep my eye open for some things if I wander to the Hilliard Target this weekend.

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