Monday, September 26, 2011

Spoiled Cats

I'm not sure if you remember or not but almost immediately after our Honeymoon my Husband decided we needed to spoil the kitties for leaving them so long. They are unusual cat's in that they are really connected to us.  All three of them greet us when we come home from work, they have all taken to sleeping on the bed with us and Franklin (our maine coon mix) was so upset while we were gone he thew up everyday despite the attention my friend Beth gave them house sitting for us.

A week of so ago I posted about these huge boxes that showed up on our porch.  They were the pieces for this ridiculously huge cat tree.

This is my Hubba Hubby putting together said cat tree.  He might of miscalculated the size of it. 

Yep, that's him standing on a chair to put this together.  That still isn't even the full height either.  We were also doing at about midnight on a Tuesday.

The finished Product standing 8 ft tall.  a mere 4-6 Inches from our ceiling.  Franklin is checking it out, or I might of thrown him up there with some cat nip.  Once again we got it from Armarkat which has great cat trees and free shipping in the US which is why we love it.  Sure you might pay $60 for a cat tree but one from there would be the same as a pet store one that costs $160.

I had a relaxing weekend of not sewing.  I did do some knitting and realized I have much more time then I had anticipated before Craftin' Outlaws so I am super psyched about that.  It means time on the knitting machine and more time on the sewing machine for new products.
Last I finished the wedding dress for my brother Fiancee and their October 1st wedding.  I'll post progress start to finish photos and my epic journey on that dress this week.

Cheers and Have a lovely Monday!

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