Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Sorry the updates haven't been as frequent I've been struggling to get myself together with the end of some of the largest projects I've done and the start over of working on a new portfolio giving myself the entire year to dedicate to myself and my own work. I was admiring a bruise my friend Claire had and felt inspired to get back into some art making observations on the body and working it into my neuron theory. It is somewhat suitable for me right now to think about bruises because that's a bit how I feel right now. This bit of nagging pain that when you poke it it hurts more but eventually it will heal. Finding motivation to finish something has been hard. I have a cardigan left to knit, a dress left to knit, blanket I have slowly been crocheting and another blanket I have been working on hand quilting.

The things I really need to do is getting to work on my Helena Bonham Carter Collection and back to my neurons. This bruising embroidery is a good first step and a small project that doesn't feel overwhelming at the moment. It also does not help that I have been fiddling my time away with some video games (Kid Icarus 3DS, which is fantastic by the way) and the Hunger Games books. I've told myself and some friends I will be back on my regular program of fashion and art by May. May is always a good deadline for me because it's around my Birthday.

One change I've made for the better has been some bangs!
I've also done a bit of shopping when I really need to be saving. My hubby has been a downer on my potential trip to Korea but I'm going to keep bugging him because it's really important to me.

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