Thursday, April 12, 2012

TiLT - Random Joy

For this week I will have no numbering just a simple list of photos and captions for why I love these things. These are the things that are making my life a lot brighter and fulfilled right now.

Sleeping  kitty in the sun.  Franklin looks so peaceful, hard to tell what a little jerk he is tearing up houseplants and swapping at your heels when you go up the stairs.

Huge umbrellas in Little Tokyo, LA on the pavilion. They were lightly decorated with Sakura blossoms.  It just had this grand effect for something so simple.  I think on a sunny day it would of been nice to sit underneath and eat some mochi ice cream.

Little Tokyo in General was just amazing and I loved it! I'm so glad that I was able to go there and experience it. I wish there was something as cute and together as this in NYC but I'm still happy to go to the KinoKuniya book store.

My first time at a revolving Sushi bar!

So much sushi, in so little time.  We stacked about 10 plates in 15 minutes as soon as we started eating.  It was well worth it and something I will seek out in any city that I visit from now on.

My first love is always meat.
All you can eat Korean BBQ in LA certainly spoiled me. I had gone to them before in Chicago but not like this. It was super cheap too, only $17 a person.  We made 4 orders of at least 3 different types of meat combinations each.

The grill was enormous and stone. I hadn't seen anything like that since I was in Korea.

A warm little fire in the middle of our table at the Cafe was perfect for the cool evening.  Where I ended my LA food adventures with delicious Bpat Bin soo.

This is my absolute most FAVORITE dessert.  Lightly sugared shaved ice with fresh fruit, sweet red beans, and Dduk (mochi).  This was a helping big enough for 3-4 people, I ate most of it.

And with this week's TiLT it concludes my trip to LA photos. I hope you all get to enjoy some good eats this coming weekend and take in the things you love to make life a little more pleasant as we deal with this final cold snap in the OH.

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  1. Love this! Im DEFINITELY visiting that all you can eat BBQ place..! x