Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Baggu, do you?

A few weeks ago there was this Lucky deal for 50% off of Baggu leather products in Black.  I thought why not. Instead of paying $120 for a small leather back it cost me $60. I realized when I got the package that I have never actually ordered from Baggu before.  I fill up my cart and then I forget about it or realize I already have a ton of totes and reusable bags or that I can make that cute zipper pouch myself. Well with the leather bag I figured I would use it like an instant purse to carry only essentials when I am on the run like my wallet, kindle, keys and lipgloss, maybe a small digital camera and my flip.

 The packaging was about as minimal as possible, which was nice.

Folding out the bag the leather is super soft and supple.  I wish you could feel the gorgeous of it's buttery surface. Although the shape is just that of a normal Baggu bag. I think for $120 it's a bit much, in fact a total splurge. Even though I only spent $60 I still consider it a total splurge.

The interior is raw and just as soft.  I was hoping for maybe a little interior pocket or lining at such a high price point for a bag that is only 10"x18.5"x3.5". I may sound like a naysayer but I love this bag and I am glad that I snagged it. It does work perfectly for a "to go" purse when I am doing a long shopping trip (like in Chicago) and it forced me to minimize what I carry. I was a little disappointed that the deal was only on the black color but now I'm glad it was because the black goes with everything, doesn't show dirt and even for a hobo type bag looks classy. I was even stopped and asked by someone at Nordstorms where I picked it up at. My one hesitation with raw leather is that it can leave some of the oils on whatever things you put inside of it. It didn't discolor anything I had in there but they were mostly black or patent leather, but I did notice the oil on the face of my phone. By the end of the weekend it wasn't giving me that problem anymore but it was just something to be cautious about with a new bag.

If I was someone of more means in money I would like to pick up another one or two in different colors and perhaps try the larger size as well. Alas I am a poor fashionista relaying on coupons and internet offers to enjoy some of life's finer things.

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