Tuesday, April 03, 2012

City Sights

Looking around at all the structures in Downtown LA it was kind of amazing.  Their old signs on their buildings and the shapes of their architecture.  It's a mix of broken down and new all over the place.  I was very fond of the fire escapes.  I would never climb them but they make for some pretty additions to the buildings.  Clean lines and repetition remind me of smocking in garments.  Because doesn't it just always come down to clothes for me?

This was a back area at the end of Santee Alley.  Another example of how amongst the hold they injected something new.

This food stand in the middle of nowhere as we were walking towards the bus stop.  It just screamed local and lovely to me.  Advertising plain as day with no gimmicks just the way I like it.

This sign was just charming to me. It looks like something someone would of done in printmaking for a t-shirt where you fill in the board with your own quirky comment or quote.

This was the outside of the Koreatown Mall.  It made me miss Korea tons!  Super modern and clean with stores inside bartering in only Korean goods with a grocery located on the first floor.

Even their advertisements were like an implant from Korea, sporting their flower boys and random English text to promote god knows what

In the middle of it all was this park with an enormous pond (ok maybe small lake).  We took a short respite here while we figured our barrings to the next destination. Better place then most to sit at while lost and heading to dinner.

I still never get used to seeing the Palm Trees everywhere.  Especially since it was cooler weather while I was there.  We were lucky there was no rain and just sun everyday except for our last.

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