Friday, April 13, 2012


 For craft shows and my etsy I started to make these Kanzashi like flowers a couple years ago.  I just looked up images and found a little tutorial but then I started to expand on it on my own to try some different things. They are usually clustered flowers put on headpieces or hairpins for Geisha or special occasions.  I just found the technique so enthralling because it dealt with fabric folding I wanted to put my hand on it.

I've been trying to do more research about it and I even have a few books from japan on construction but recently I found this nice little chart explaining about how their wear is seasonal depending on the flowers in bloom, which I found charming.  I would also like to eventually do larger scale hair pieces as the ones pictured.

I Scanned these Pages out of a book called "Geisha" that I found at work.

II am definitely going to work on incorporating some of these traditions into the new batch I am planning to make for the fall shows.  I've been scared to try the streamer's and vines but I think this is the year that I'll conquer that.

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