Monday, October 19, 2009

And we All Fall Down!

I am feeling super good lately!
Got my first batch of product done for Milk Bar~
Came out of Craftin' Outlaws on the upside of the cash bar, in fact I hit my goal and then some.

Working on my Highball Costume is going smoothly and everything fit my models pretty good.  I just need to make one whole new dress so that's not that bad and it was something I wanted to do anyways.  I had to play a little musical outfits since the models they gave me were not what I had expected at all.  I requested a size 2-4 and one of them is a size 6!  Luckily I had been working on something else so that fit her but the sweater I had to give up on.

Lingerie is selling very well at Undone!  I made orders for holiday colors today so that I can start sewing for that.  I am very excited for this because I've never tried to do anything for JUST Holiday.

The one thing I really need to get my butt in gear is for the Substance Aspiring designer contest.  I've planned out several things but only started to cut out one of them.  I'm excited for it though.  I just need to sit down and get to work really.  I figure I will just randomly drape some things together from several of the shirts.  I know for sure I will be making a shawl of some sort, a dress, a skirt and a shirt.  I need to play with bleach some more and decide on my final colors also.

Lastly I am obsessed with this slippers!  They are by this Canadian company called Amimoc.  I saw them randomly on DSW and of course they were on sale and not my size.  Tracked them down and found them on another website.  Something about the rabbit fur and grey color just appeal to me and make me think ultra cozy.  I think they will be the perfect slippers to wear inside the sewing room at my new job as well.

And not it is time to get back to sewing!!!!  I plan to complete at least one skirt for myself tonight.  Perhaps I will work on a bandage skirt.

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