Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Highball Halloween Masquerade

This is so far my costume piece for the Halloween Highball.   It still has oodles of work and even since then it has changed quite a bit.   I had the fitting for this last week and had to make some adjustments on the skirt.  The top fit pretty well and of course the ruffles were a hit.  Last night I enlisted my Andy to help construct the bustle and today I plan to cover it and pad it for comfort of my model.   I also finally devised the perfect arm attachments to go with this.  Does this look Sea Anemone like to you, or just futuristic?   I hope as I finish it up it will turn over to the sea!

Here is the headpiece I have been working on for this costume also.

I can't believe it is less then 2 weeks for this to start!  I am so not ready for this right now, but I will be!

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