Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Truth: RPG's

For a taste of something different and just so strangers out there in the vast internets who might be reading can get to know me a little better I am putting in a weekly post called "The Truth".  It is basically incredibly truthful things about myself that people don't normally know when they meet me or when they think of me as a fashion designer.  I feel these truth's actually explain a bit about my design elements.

This week's truth is RPG's.  If you don't know what that stands for then you are in for a treat!

Role Playing games = RPG's

I love them...............  Not like Dungeons and Dragons but video game RPG's like Final Fantasy, Persona, Lufia, The Legend of Zelda, etc etc....

It's a little bit like knitting to me.  Mindless repitition and picking different actions like picking different stitches.  As you get further the story unfolds just as you knit further you see your pattern unfold.  A little corny I know but I like the repetition.

The other thing that I love about RPG's is the character designs.  So complex and decorated and usually with some sort of reference to period costumes.  If I get stuck in a design rut I always turn back to my video games and try to get some inspiration from the characters or monsters or Aeons or espers whatever they call them per the game.  Not only do the games refer to periods in costume but also a lot of mythical legends and stories from all over the world.

I am actually such a huge nerd there are a few things I am very dedicated to. Final Fantasy by Square/Enix games, Atlus developed games and Nintendo.  Unfortunately for me each games usually takes anywhere from 40-120 hours to complete.  The story lines have become so complex and with so many sidequests and mini-games.  I have probably 6 games or more waiting for me to even start them.  I am about 20 hours or less from finishing Persona 3 right now which has been enjoyable for every 80+ hours I have put into it so far.  It is based in present day japan with an extra time at midnight called the "Dark Hour".  At this time select few have the power to stay concious and fight with their "personas".  Each persona is based on different tarot types and ancient gods/goddesses from different cultures and the end game is to stop the Dark hour and the monsters that come with it before the Japanese School year is over while creating relationships with people to strengthen the archetypes.  Sound Complicated? That isn't even half as complicated as Demon Souls or Disgaea.

Anyways here are some pictures of other games I had mentioned above.

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