Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sick and Tired of it!

Seriously I am sick and have been since yesterday. I woke up with a sore throat and steadily throughout yesterday I have progressed to full on couch sickness with sweating fevers. There are many pros to being sick from my point of view. Above are my best sick companions EVER. My tender childhood toy "Puppy Dog" (I know real inventive name, kind of like that black labrador I had named "Blackie"), and my oldest brother's baby blanket which I stole since he is 8 years older then me.

Anyways the Pros to being sick are:
- Calling off from work and not feeling guilty about short comings of money because it really is unpreventable. If you were to work while sick you only will make yourself worse in retail and in turn probably get other people sick.
- Catching up on knitting
- Catching up on Documentaries and just in general TV, Movies and such.
- Also catching up on reading and video games.
- Spending good nap/couch time with the cat
- Being a whinny ninny and letting your mom take care of you (yes even though I live in my own house with my boyfriend, I must enjoy these few years left before I have a child of my own and they become a whinny ninny!)
- Also making boyfriend feel entirely guilty for giving me such sickness and taking good advantage of it and letting him lavish me with juices, cream puffs that I can't taste and general extra loving for no good reason.
- Good excuse also to not feel guilty for not being behind the sewing machine diligently working.

While sick couch surfing Netflix has been my best friend. I think I watched 3 movies today, and 8 episodes of various mini series and one INCREDIBLE Documentary! There are very very few things I watch on anything that make me actually stop knitting because I am so enthralled that I do not want to miss anything. I am a person that takes Knitting with me into the movie theater but this Documentry made me stop knitting.

Ballerina was exquisite but probably only to me more then the average person because I ADORE the Ballet. Once upon a time I wanted to go to ABC and become a Ballerina. I worked so hard to get to Point and practiced endlessly, I even changed to a more Formal ballet school but alas..... I am only 4'10" and rejected even when I was younger I was always much smaller then my school mates. I still like to pretend sometimes. I have two sets of Point shoes one american style and one in the russian form. Of course I love the Russian style better because it makes my feet look so much better and I have uncommon lean feet that just look good in them. The pain is terrible on the feet but the results are wonderful posture and balance and above average flexibility.

The Focus was on several Russian Ballerina's over a period of years. It was just amazing to think they start on their path at the age of 10. They audition and are chosen for talent, poise, flexibility, and execution. Even harder is that they must at that age see potential for these young girls to grow into a ballerina's slim and lean physique. Just watching them dance is so mesmerizing to me because I learned all of that and to see it perfected and executed what seems so flawless is breathtaking. What I loved most about this is that not only did you see performances but you also saw some of the practices before the performances, you see them mess up and sweat and strain themselves.

Just so inspirational! And me the Fashion person I even paid attention when she was fitting new shoes at the Ballet store and paused to see the details of some costumes hanging, as well as their rehearsal garments. ahhh how much I wish to dance again. It is also where my love of classical music and instruments came from. Perhaps this is why I tried so hard at Violin and Piano as I got older. I never enjoyed to practice those as much as dancing though.

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