Thursday, October 08, 2009

Running out of time!!!!!


I am about to puke with all the work I need to get done in the next week!
I have been steadily just knitting random things and making bubble scarfs for Craftin Outlaws that happens in about a WEEK! Also we have fittings for the Halloween Highball in less then a week but still have not heard back about any model information. Oh and I need to start needle felting some extras and putting together my accessories. I need two more cuffs to crochet with pearls and oodles of yo-yo's to make!

I did however get my LIME CRIME pigments! In the above picture I am wearing just Elf and nothing else! It blended out so perfectly and the color was amazing! I barely needed anything to get it that way and I don't even have a green base coat on just a nude paint pot.

This is a ruffle I worked on by hand for about 6 hours. It is huge and insanely stiff (thank the stars for Pellon!) I have no idea how in the olden days people would just starch lace over and over again to keep their Elizabethan ruffles.

Also happening....... I am interviewing tomorrow for a seamstress position part time at this bridal/prom shop. I really hope I get this because I just can't do the retail thing anymore. I love the store, I love my co-workers and managers but my back and feet just can't take it.

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