Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The progression is happening

Currently I have some great news!

I will be able to continue my dream of not buying anymore retail clothes and go full force with making my own clothes again!

Thanks to circumstances I will no longer be working at Express so much.  I have taken a job as a seamstress at a bridal/prom dress store in town.  Though it is far from glamourous it is a well paying job doing something that I enjoy that I will not get burnt out on.  Also the days I am working are perfect mix to give me days to detox and be my own personal seamstress at home.

I am all sorts of inspired and will be working on many new projects that I had put off on hold.  Like a white shirt collection similar to the one posted here.  Trying out some of the fabulous patterns from the Japanese Pattern books "Pattern magic".  

Even though Craftin Outlaws is this weekend and two weeks later is HighBall I feel no stress.  I am actually under budget for materials on Highball, I am so relieved!   I even started my Substance Designs and I have a good feeling about them!  The only thing currently holding me back is my Milk Bar Production work.  Even Undone Production work is fun right now!

Here are some other projects for myself that I want to work on.

Nice long Coat that actually fits my short body.

Huge Dress for myself for New year's Eve

A Deconstructed Linen or Muslin Skirt

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