Friday, March 30, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well no, not really.  I already left and came back last week from LA.  I had a mini Vacay with my friend Claire. It was amazing.  Last time I went to LA not so great but that was because my friend I was visiting had just moved there himself and couldn't tell us where to go at all and we were in Santa Monica without a car.

This time I got to see:
Santee Alley
Little Tokyo
Korea town
and a whole lot of Downtown by public transit

I'll just give you a little day by day like I did with Pittsburgh because I don't want to overload with a long post of pictures.

Today is Santee Alley!  It was like a combination of China Town and Little Mexico tons of street vendors selling amazing different Mexican street foods and assorted fashion goods from things that fell off the truck, cheap sunglasses, belt buckles, perfumes, makeup that was mislabeled and CLOTHES!  oh the clothes!  It was like everything I have been on Nasty Gal and Tobi but 1/4 of their prices.  Had I known what I would be walking into I would of researched a bit more to pick out some key pieces.
The main alley was about 4-5 blocks long and completely bursting with people shopping and vendors.  Even for a Thursday it was bustling and the music was blaring terribly inappropriate lyrics for raps songs.  I was a bit surprised by that given that there were so many children with their parents (ha).

Sexy Heels?  Yah they are! 

Mannequin butts as far as the eye could see!

 On the way to Santee Alley is the Fashion district of LA.  Walked past tons of showrooms and manufacturers.  It is very different then the NYC Fashion district, you had a mix of the upscale and the smaller fashion lines.  Also it went from bargain bin fabrics like this store to very swanky Mood and Vogue Fabric type stores.

 I seriously could of wandered those stores alone all day.  If only I had budgeted my money for this!  Happily for my friend it is enough to make me want to come back for frequent visits.  I just wanted to dive right in and take advantage of all that discounted fabric and trimmings.

 We also came across this store which I wish had been open.  I can only imagine what kind of things the "Craft Depot" would have in an area next to Santee Alley and the Fashion District.  It was also amazing to me while in Downtown LA how much Korean I saw around there.  I know in my head that Koreans make a large percentage of the population but I was prepared to really see them all over the place and their businesses.  While I was in Santa Monica I saw almost none of that but downtown it was everywhere.  It also got me into some funny mishaps where I am so used to automatically giving every Korean elder respects that I was doing it all the time and they would perk up (apparently not a lot of LA kids bother to pay respects to elders unless they know them closely). 

Collectively I got a lot of new clothes in LA so I look forward to some new OOTD the next coming weeks as well!  Until then have a great weekend my friends!  I've got 3 major personal projects that I am in the works to start so that will also kickstart some other new posts.

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