Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Treat Yo Self - B-day Week

Sorry for the MIA, I've been floating around on many thoughts in my head. I am going to be firm, that I don't wait to air dirty laundry or negative feelings on my blog. I want to keep this as a positive and inspiring place for myself and my readers.

My Birthday is fast approaching next week and I have been treating myself very well.  With a little influx of cash from some side projects I was able to get myself one of my long coveted dream knitting machines the Brother KH 260 Bulky.

Please excuse the bad photo, this was off of Ebay and I am expected to receive my lovely in the mail today.  I have so many amazing ideas for her. Some of my friends say that a knitting machine is cheating but there are so many more amazing things you can get done with a machine and faster then handknits.  I'm reminded of this great blog post by StyleBubble on a designer called ALL Knitwear.

These pictures get me so excited to get the machine in my hands and to get to work.  I've been away from knitwear too long where my heart lies in design. I'm slowly refocusing and designing a few small run collections.

Aside from that I bought myself this pretty dress from Nasty Gal

Lastly my Weaving teacher Pat Bullen is letting me borrow this little beauty for a month so I've spoiled myself with some new yarns to play with on the loom. It is a 4 harness 26" Kyra table loom with attached legs.

This is only the beginning as well.  I have a birthday party this weekend with friends a bit early since my actual birthday falls on a Tuesday.  I look forward to the local Spring flea, Columbus Zoo (which my hubby and I have done every year since we've been together) and dinner with my Parents.  I also plan to pick up this cute Gnome Necklace I spied last week when I was shopping for another friend's B-day present.

 Hopefully they still have it!

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